The New Life Center is a community based Christian pro-life organization comprised of dozens of churches, community groups, and thousands of individuals working to promote a culture of life in the greater Lansing area, and across Michigan.

Della Seeley
Becky Halfman
Lavinia Reynolds
Kathy Orson

NLC Board Members
Dr. Melissa Halvorson Smith, MD
Soraya Nowland
Chris Veneklase
Mike Walsh
Rita Wilhelm
Dan Henderson, owner, Media Messengers
Eileen Hathaway, MA, LLP
Keturah Bouyer

Cindi Currie
Jill Thelen (Volunteer Coordinator)
Lizzy Colunga
Eileen Hathaway
Patty McPhee
Soraya Nowland
Celeste Paget
Deirdre Thompson
Lynn Vincent
Kathy Orson
Lavinia Reynolds

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